Hawaii vocabulary of Ethiopia are Amharic

Hawaii vocabulary of Ethiopia are Amharic

Ethiopia (formally known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia) try a country in eastern Africa; it is the earliest states on our planet, and the eldest Christian country in Africa.

The Ethiopian calendar, also known as the Ge’ez diary, will be the major diary used in Ethiopia in addition to serves as the liturgical schedule for Christians in Eritrea. The Ethiopian calendar is dependent on the old Alexandrian or Coptic calendar, which in turn is produced from the Egyptian calendar, but such as the Julian diary, they includes a leap day every four ages without difference. The Ethiopian seasons begins on August 29 of the Julian diary (regarding a non-leap season) or on August 30 of this Julian diary, in the case of a leap seasons.

It’s significant to remember that 12 months checking during the Ethiopian calendar begins from August 29 th , the 8 th 12 months inside old-style (Julian schedule). This 8-year difference involving the Ethiopian additionally the Gregorian calendars results from different data in identifying the day of this Annunciation . Unlike the Lunar Hejira, in which the new day begins following sundown (at moonrise), and unlike the Gregorian calendar, where new-day starts at nighttime ( or ), a single day inside Ethiopian schedule starts at dawn.

The Coptic alphabet gave delivery on icons which happen to be utilized in Ethiopia for recording numerals, and, especially, times. Now kindly talk about the converter on the left from the webpage. Products and 10s is encoded with different symbols (which are not similar and never a mix of any previous signs). Comparable techniques were applied to Hebrew, Russian and Japanese date encoding techniques.

Day calculation algorithm

  1. D1: the quantity of 10s for the range centuries; when it comes down to coins minted into the XX-th millennium that is 10;
  2. D2: how many products for the amount of centuries; for your coins minted for the XX-th century definitely 9;
  3. D3: A«100A» (the A«one hundredA» numbers, standing up for a hundred years);
  4. D4: Tens of the season;
  5. D5: models of the season.

Is an illustration [the image below symbolize the entire year with the Ethiopian days comparable to ((10 + 9)A—100) + 20 + 3 , for example. EE 1923 , or 1931 AD]:

In all honesty, we must create maybe not 8 age, but 7 years and 8 several months (in other words. 7a…” many years) when you look at the formula above. To be able to run with integer standards inside the calculations we round 7a…” to 8. Because of this, a-1 seasons error in result of the data is possible.

The Ethiopian year covers two Gregorian years. Ethiopian decades from EE (Ethiopian period) 1893 begun on Gregorian Sep 11, or September 12 when the EE seasons is actually divisible by 4 without rest (i.e. if it is a leap year). Throughout the past millennium before EE 1893, starting dates happened to be September 10 or 11.

If you’d like an entertaining Ethiopian crafting panel with decimal to Tigrinya numeral converter enabled, you definitely should head to this incredible website ( back link upgraded! – : website no more offered), created by Nat Johannes.


As given over, 2008 advertising is equivalent to the year 2000 into the Ethiopian calendar. Ergo, it ought to be typewritten below: a??a?» (since D1=20, D2=0, D3=100, D4=D5=0). By example we’ve: 2009 post = 2001 Eth. = a??a?»a?© ; 2010 AD = 2002 Eth. = a??a?»a?? , etc.

Along with a??a?» , here characters maybe included in Ethiopia to create A«2000A» on coins: a??a??a?… , since a??a?… = 1000. It’s important to describe that a??a?… is nothing apart from a combination of syllables a?? (A«A?iA») and a?… (A«hE™A»), thus, the word A«thousandA» try spelled in Amharic as follows: A«A?ihE™A». The Ethiopian year 2000 lasted from .

This amazing photo is actually a limited graphics of Ethiopian imprinted diary concerning the Ethiopian season 2002 (this is certainly from post).

Monetary program of current day Ethiopia

The system of currency in Ethiopia may be the birr. 1 birr are subdivided into 100 santim. Recent coin dilemmas are as follows: 5, 10, 25 and 50 santim.

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