Scientology: Scientology is similar to Eastern religions because salvation try hit because of knowledge of thinking and the universe

Immediately after an excellent Scientologist are “cleared” of these harmful photographs and will get a keen “operating thetan,” the guy/this woman is able to control believe, lives, amount, energy, area, and go out.

Shinto: Brand new afterlife when you look at the Shinto was to start with a dreadful, Hades-including domain. Issues of your afterlife being moved to Buddhism. This salvation is dependent on penance and you can to prevent impurity otherwise pollution of your own heart. Following a person’s soul can also be signup that from its ancestors.

Sikhism: Sikhism was created in reaction toward argument anywhere between Hinduism and you will Islam, and you may carries on a lot of Hinduism’s has an effect on-no matter if Sikhs was monotheistic. “Evil” is simply peoples selfishness. Salvation try attained Nudist dating apps by way of life a reputable lives and you may meditation on the jesus. If a good really works are performed sufficiently, the worshiper happens about course from reincarnation and you can becomes that which have jesus.

Taoism: Such as for example other East religions (Shinto, Chinese men religions, Sikhism), Taoism accompanied lots of their afterlife standards away from Buddhism. Initial, Taoists didn’t concern on their own which have anxieties of your own afterlife and you may, as an alternative, dedicated to doing good utopian area. Salvation are hit because of the aligning towards cosmos and obtaining support from supernatural immortals just who resided towards mountains, countries, or any other urban centers on the planet. The end result try immortality. Ultimately, Taoists given up the latest pursuit of immortality and took on new afterlife theories out of Buddhism.

Unitarian-Universalism: Unitarians are allowed to and you will encouraged to faith something that they like in regards to the afterlife and the ways to arrive. In the event, in general, they feel people is to seek enlightenment contained in this existence rather than care extreme in regards to the afterlife.

The newest “thetan” (Scientology’s means to fix this new spirit) travels as a consequence of various lifetimes, attempting to expel fantastically dull and traumatic photo that cause one to act fearfully and you can irrationally

Wicca: Wiccans faith multiple things about new afterlife, but most apparently agree that you don’t need to having salvation. Someone both inhabit equilibrium with the deity of the taking good care of their physical symptom-the world-or they don’t, in addition to their crappy karma are gone back to him or her three-fold. Some faith souls was reincarnated up until it see each of their existence classes and stay you to definitely on the goddess. Some are therefore invested in following one’s individual roadway which they trust individuals understand what will happen after they die; if worshipers imagine they are going to feel reincarnated or taken to heck or entered to your goddess, they will be. Someone else won’t think about brand new afterlife after all. In any event, they won’t believe in sin otherwise something they need saving regarding.

Zoroastrianism: Zoroastrianism may be the first religion that stated that new afterlife try based mostly on a person’s measures in life. There’s absolutely no reincarnation, simply an easy view four weeks just after passing. Immediately after a sufficient amount of amount of time in hell, but not, perhaps the doomed can visit eden. To be evaluated righteous, it’s possible to have fun with education or commitment, nevertheless most effective way is by using step.

Purification from the torment are minimized from the distress during the lives and you can the offerings and you can prayers regarding other people towards the sinner’s part

Hinduism: Hinduism is a lot like Buddhism in a few indicates. Salvation (otherwise moksha) try reached in the event the worshiper is actually free of the fresh years regarding reincarnation, with his spirit will get you to that have jesus. You to definitely will get free of the ridding your self out-of crappy karma-the effect of evil action otherwise evil intent. You can do this in about three various methods: owing to selfless determination to help you and you will provider out of a certain god, as a consequence of knowing the nature of your universe, or of the studying the actions must totally appease the fresh new gods.

Based on Catholicism, upon death, the fresh new souls ones whom rejected Christ try taken to hell. The fresh new souls of these just who recognized Christ and you may performed sufficient acts are filtered regarding sin head to eden. People who died inside believe however, don’t complete the steps are filtered was provided for purgatory in which they go through short term, dull discipline up to its souls are cleansed. Immediately following filtering is finished, this new spirit may go to help you paradise.