Time Management

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Time Management

Time is life and it is the most an unused treasure. Optimizing time management is the secret of high achievements
Doctors who will attend this course will be able to:
1 – Review how to assess their time spent on different activities daily.
2 – How to utilize time in an optimum way.
3 – How to identify time wasters and traps and have a strategy to deal with them.
4 – How to run meetings efficiently.
5 – Be able to get rid of procrastination.
6 – Priorities tasks and delegate efficiently.
This course is based on group discussions and interactive activities to enable participants to reflect on their own skills and take feedback from other participants in constructive way.
Pre-course material: time log sheet to be filled by participants for a week before the course to enable them to identify how they are spending their time and reflect on it.
The trainer
This course is delivered by Dr. Hussin Nagi, a consultant in Anesthesia and pain Management at the City Hospital in Birmingham and an accreditated trainer by Adair international group for leadership training and has a diploma in life coaching since 2007.
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